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GenuineLove is built on the basis of family first. Our team of customers and members are truly one family; Through this, we share our products because our goal is to enrich as many individuals and help them live a healthier lifestyle.


Tavalaʻs mission is to empower the transformation of all people on their journey through life.

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Tavala trim your weight loss solution

Tavala Trim is a thermogenic fat burner and helps with healthy weight management, appetite suppression, metabolism, and energy. All you have to do is take one in the morning every day and let the ingredients go to work for you. 

      *available in drink or capsule form

Weight loss protein shake


Most of us know that protein is the building block of muscle, and the more muscle mass we have on our bodies, the more calories we naturally burn throughout the day. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine with Tavala’s Weight Loss Protein Shake, packed with a powerful 15 grams of protein while also being low in carbs and calories.

tavala control

The perfect companion to Tavala Trim is here! Meet Tavala Control. Tavala Control is an all natural, gluten free and stimulant free capsule that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the body. Tavala Control is the perfect companion to Tavala Trim 

Amazon Gold

Tavala Amazon Gold combines some of the world's most authentic and antioxidant-packed power fruits to create one of the most nutritious health products available today!   The main power fruits, Acai, Cupuacu and Camu-Camu, come straight from the Amazon rainforest and are blended with even more  potent and effective ingredients- pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry ketones - To name a few! This provides the perfect mix of vitamins and nutrients  with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

Bru 100% cacao

Tavala introduces the next incredible product in our product line - Tavala bru. Tavala bru contains 100% organic, GMO-free cacao and it’s very low in calories. Just one cup of Tavala bru contains more antioxidants than a cup of blueberries or pomegranate juice!

quantum relief strips

The body needs energy to heal. That’s why in our Quantum Relief Strips we use a mineral called tourmaline, one of the most energy-conductive crystals on earth. We charge these crystals with Quantum Energy. They release that energy into your body when the strip is applied, which provides relief to areas of discomfort 

Tamanu organics skin care

The Tamanu Organics Daily Skin Care System with Gentle Cleanser, Soothing Toner, Comforting Creme and Night Time Serum was designed for all skin types to gently cleanse, hydrate and replenish skin. Using the healing power of Tamanu Oil and other important botanical ingredients, Tavala has created a masterpiece that works exceptionally well to produce beautiful and healthy skin

Alert spray and Sleep inducing inhaler ~ Snooze

We have pharmaceutical grade inhalers here at Tavala and offer Alert for a burst of energy and Snooze for help sleeping. Watch the video to learn more

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