Christina Sumang Down 78 pounds


I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I've done countless diets & workout routines with no success. Last year my mother inlaw started talking to me about this drink called Tavala. She had lost a lot of weight with it & wanted me to try it. Unfortunately I already had it in my head that nothing would work for me so I refused to even try because I was tired & afraid of the disappointment. It wasn't until months later that I finally got the courage to give it a shot. October 5th 2017 was my first day taking Tavala & I've never looked back. This has been the first and only thing that has ever given me the results I've seen. It gives me the energy & motivation to workout way more then I ever have before & it has helped me change my mindset on how I view food and what I put into my body. I’m more cautious of the types of food I eat and I’m actually enjoying eating healthier. 

It took a lot for me to finally post this before & after because I was so embarrassed of how I let myself get in the past. Looking at old photos made me realize that I had lost myself back then. I wasn't happy & I wasn't me. I can now say I feel better both physically and mentally about myself & that is everything to me. I also wanted to post this to help anyone else that is struggling like I was. I want you to know there is hope & it will get better. You just need to find what works for you. Remember the first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're not willing to stay where you are.

Renaldo Sumang Down 55 Pounds


”I never realized how over weight I was until I started to see my before and after pictures while taking Tavala Trim! What is Tavala Trim? I call it my purple magic drink lol. I've lost 40lbs in 5 months! Of course you have to make lifestyle changes not only the way you eat but also being more active and having a supporting cast along the way! Don't get me wrong I LOVE FOOD & BEER but since being on tavala it has helped me learn how to proportion my meals through the day all while feeling full! Everyone has different goals on where they wanna be or how they want to look. I'm 10 lbs from my goal of 187lbs!! I started at 237lbs wearing size 40 pants and XL shirts! I'm now at 197lbs size 36 pants and large shirts! Thanks Tavala"

Melissa Landeros Down 28 Pounds


28 pounds down and feeling so good thanks to Tavala! The first pic was at the end of January 2018 about 3 weeks after having my 4th child. The 2nd pic is from today! What a difference 28 pounds looks like!!! Im tripping out lol 

Thanks to my uncles for giving me a free sample. It changed my life!!!

Joseph Russo Down 48 Pounds


" Here is my current progress. Down 48 pounds. I am so close to the 50 pounds mark.

If you want to loose weight and don’t know how contact me. It is easier to get started than you think. I have learned a lot going down this path for the last 8 months."

Crystal Stokes Down 46 Pounds


  This is Crystal who has lost 42 pounds from when she started Tavala back in May of 2017. Along the way Crystal became discouraged a bit because the weight was not coming off like she had been expecting. She did not give up she kept taking her Tavala everyday and soon realized she was not losing weight but losing Inches. Clothes were fitting better and soon after the weight started to drop. She is now sporting new Jeans and looks fabulous!   

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Stacie Segovia Down 25 Pounds


Ed Segovia Down 49 Pounds using Control


Scott Mcdonald Down 40 Pounds


 Scott has lost over 40 pounds using Tavala Trim, and he has changed his health and his lifestyle dramatically. Carbs and nighttime snacks used to be his downfall until Tavala Trim came into his life. 

Michael Yoshikawa Down 30 Pounds


 Kekaimoku (Kumu) has lost a total of 30 pounds using Tavala Products. Sharing Tavala with Aloha is what he is all about. 

Jasmine Wallace Down 20 Pounds and Many inches


Louise Sanico Down 25 Pounds


 Louise has lost 25 pounds and has reached her goal weight. When asked if she would stop taking her tavala trim she said Tavala is a way of life. 

Michael Cody Down 55 Pounds


 Michael lost a total of 55 pounds with Tavala; He was a manager of a fast food restaurant who in his own words was "Out of control" With the help from Tavala trim he was able to make better food choices with the Appetite suppressant that Tavala trim offers.  

He has now made it his life's mission to Help transform the lives of everyone who needs it. 

Christopher Quintana Down 40 Pounds


 Christopher has lost over 40 pounds using Tavala Trim and control along with the Bru. The Bru has changed his relationship forever! Ask him for that story when you see him. 

Chris Aki Down 60 Pounds



Chris has lost over 60 pounds using Tavala Trim and Control, and he is no longer type 2 diabetic. His goal is set to changing lives while Moving it and improving his health

#MoveitMoveit #TavalaStrong

Way to go Chris!

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